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Project Description

C-Reactive Protein (CRP) Wide Range

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  • Wide measureable range. Reduces repeat testing and the need for sample dilutions.
  • No significant interference displayed from samples with elevated levels of hemolysis, icterus, lipemia & ascorbic acid. Ability to cover the clinically useful range with a single reagent.
  • Increased sensitivity at low concentrations. Reliable assay ensuring confidence in results.
  • No prozone effect up to 100 mg/dL (1000 mg/L) CRP.


Catalogue # Configuration Product Support
250-20 1 x 20 mL (R1) CRP-R1 MSDS Wide Range CRP Buffer(R1) MSDS
1 x 20 mL (R2) CRP-R2 MSDS Wide Range CRP Latex Reagent(R2) MSDS
250-25 1 x 50 mL (R1) CRP Wide Range Package Insert Wide Range CRP Package Insert
1 x 50 mL (R2)

Product Information

C-reactive protein is described as an acute phase protein that is involved in the activation of complement, acceleration of phagocytosis, and detoxification of substances released from damaged tissue. CRP is one of the most sensitive indicators of inflammation. In response to an inflammatory stimulus, a rise in CRP may be detected within 6 hours. CRP is a sensitive, non-specific indicator of acute phase reactants. The level of CRP in serum is elevated in patients with arthritis or liver disease such as hepatitis A, hepatitis B, or biliary cirrhosis, and after severe infections such as septic shock.

CRP Ultra Wide Range Calibrator Kit
Catalogue # Configuration Product Support
082B 15 X 2 mL wrCRP Multicalibrators MSDS wrCRP Multicalibrators MSDS