Project Description

Pointe BUN - Beckman specific reagent

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  • METHOD: Urease/GLDH, Initial Rate
  • Format: Liquid
  • Beckman specific reagent

BUN (Urea Nitrogen) Liquid – Beckman

Catalogue # Configuration Product Support
OB952-482 6 x 66 ml (R1) BUN Beckman MSDS MSDS
2 x 43 ml (R2) BUN Beckman Package Insert Package Insert
Calibrator / Standard Required
OB952-SAM 1 x 66 ml (R1)
1 x 43 ml (R2)

Product Information

Urea is hydrolyzed by urease to produce ammonia and carbon dioxide. The liberated ammonia reacts with α-ketoglutarate in the presence of NADH to yield glutamate. An equimolar quantity of NADH undergoes oxidation during the reaction resulting in a decrease in absorbance that is directly proportional to the urea nitrogen concentration in the sample.

BUN Standard
Catalogue # Configuration Product Support
B7550-STD 1 X 15 mL
Chemistry Calibrator
Catalogue # Configuration Product Support
C7506-50 10 X 5 mL
Chemistry Control (Levels 1 and 2)
Catalogue # Configuration Product Support
C7592-100 20 X 5 mL pointe Controls MSDS MSDS
C7592-SAM  1 X 5mL Level 1
 1 X 5mL Level 2