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ALT Beckman Packaging

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  • METHOD: Modified IFCC, Kinetic
  • Format: Liquid

ALT – Beckman Cartridge

Catalogue # Configuration Product Support
OA926-487 R1: 6 x 67 mL ALT Beckman MSDS MSDS
R2: 5 x 17 mL ALT Beckman Package Insert Package Insert
OA926-SAM R1: 1 x 67mL
R2: 1 x 17mL
Intended Use:
For the quantitative determination of Alanine Aminotransferase in serum. For in vitro diagnostic use only.
ALT catalyzes the transfer of the amino group from L-alanine to α-ketoglutarate resulting in the formation of pyruvate and L-glutamate. Lactate dehydrogenase catalyzes the reduction of pyruvate and the simultaneous oxidation of NADH to NAD. The resulting rate of decrease in absorbance is directly proportional to ALT activity.
Chemistry Control (Levels 1 and 2)
Catalogue # Configuration Product Support
C7592-100 20 X 5 mL pointe Controls MSDS MSDS
C7592-SAM  1 X 5mL Level 1
 1 X 5mL Level 2